Chartered Institute of Marketing
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What Employers Say About Chartered Marketers

From Lord Marshall, Chairman at British Airways:

I think marketing has really come of age with the establishment of Chartered status and I believe it puts marketing on at least a similar level to that of other professions like accountants and surveyors. I think the very good aspect of this is that it should encourage a lot more companies throughout this country to ensure that they have Chartered Marketers representing the company on their Boards of Directors.

From Simon Eyles, Product Business Unit Controller at MD Foods:

This award can potentially benefit everyone working in the marketing profession. For young people in particular, who are either considering marketing as a profession, or who have just begun their career, it provides them with a level of professional status they can aspire to. These days, personal development and professional progression is about much more than studying for exams. Chartered Marketer provides a stamp of approval for all the training and development that young marketers are doing, and is a tangible and worthwhile goal for them to work towards.

From Alan Deller, former MD at Air Miles:

I’d like to congratulate everyone involved with the Institute on achieving Chartered Marketer status. I also think perhaps this is the time to reflect on the future and one thing I would suggest is that all marketers really make an attempt to get fully involved and understand their business, whether that’s on the shop floor, in the retail shop, or in our case in a call centre.

From Raoul Pinnell, Global Head of Brands at Shell:

Well, I think the impact of Chartered Marketer status on people in the marketing industry will be to kick us up to a whole new level. It’s quite profound. It’ll benefit individual people in terms of their own career development and in terms of demanding their rightful place in the board room.

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