Hints & Tips

Finding your perfect franchisees!

July 29, 2014

Many franchisors jump in and allocate their franchise recruitment budget without taking the time to really understand their ideal franchisee profile, causing long-term problems, explains Sally Anne Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. Whether you have a brand new franchise opportunity or a 100-strong network, taking the time out of your everyday workload to […]

Planning your franchise recruitment throughout the quiet summer months (Part 2)

July 16, 2014

As the quietest period of the franchising year, summer is the best season to prepare your franchise recruitment marketing for the busy autumn period, says Sarah Carlile, Founding Director of Coconut Creatives. As mentioned in my previous blog, enquiries during the summer slowdown rapidly as most people go on holiday or have their children at […]

Perfecting your marketing collateral for franchise recruitment

June 23, 2014

Throughout a prospect’s decision-making process, they will constantly be comparing you to your competitors so it is essential to make a good first impression. Sally Anne Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives, explains how to make the most of your marketing collateral so that prospects are wowed by your brand. Your marketing collateral is […]

Using the quiet summer months to review recruitment marketing

June 17, 2014

During the summer, many franchisors find that their recruitment is fairly quiet whilst many people are off on holiday and not thinking about changing their career for the foreseeable future. This makes the summer an ideal time to review many aspects of your recruitment marketing that may not be working as well as they could […]

How to provide the right level of communication at the right time during the franchise recruitment process

May 21, 2014

Overloading a prospective franchisee with details about your opportunity can stall the recruitment process, so you need to keep the flow of communication steady, says Sally Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. People like to be communicated with in different ways and their preferences will depend on socio-economic factors and the level of urgency […]

Using your awards success to aid franchise recruitment

May 18, 2014

Winning an award is a great achievement and gives prospective franchisees a better idea about your franchise and your credentials, so it is a good idea to mention any awards you have won in your marketing collateral, explains Sarah Carlile, Founding Director of Coconut Creatives. Being presented with an award means that you have been […]

Making the most of your existing database

April 25, 2014

Your existing database is goldmine of prospective franchisees that most franchisors forget to engage with explains Sally Anne Butters, Director at Coconut Creatives. Your existing database is full of prospective franchisees. You may have been in touch with them when they first enquired but when they didn’t progress any further down the recruitment process, it […]

Understanding the journey of prospective franchisees

April 13, 2014

Buying a franchise is an intense decision-making process so it is important that as a franchisor you understand this process to help you convert as many leads as possible says Sarah Carlile, Founder of Coconut Creatives. It takes an individual, on average, around three to six months to decide whether or not to buy a […]

Creating a successful franchise recruitment marketing plan

March 12, 2014

Setting the right objectives is the first step to creating a successful franchise recruitment marketing plan, says Sally Anne Butters, Director at Coconut Creatives. Prior to creating your marketing plan, it is important to clearly set out what it is that you want to achieve. This will give you a thread to work to and […]

The importance of setting a marketing strategy for franchise recruitment

February 27, 2014

Having the right marketing strategy can make the difference between your franchise being a success or failure, says Sarah Carlile Founding Director of Coconut Creatives. The first step when devising a marketing strategy is to identify what you want to achieve. Be clear and direct in your aims about what you’d like to achieve for […]