Hints & Tips

Top Tips for 2016!

January 26, 2016

We want you to have a successful 2016. We’ve recorded our top tips for franchise recruitment throughout the year. Think about where you want to be this time next year and we can help you! Watch our video here. Want to know more about franchise recruitment in 2016? Contact us today to book a strategy […]

Marketing; if content is King, context is God

September 23, 2015

In the world of marketing, we’re constantly told that content is King. Although content is extremely important, context is essential when it comes to social media. Adam Knight, Head of Technology & Systems at Coconut Creatives explains more about the effective use of social media for marketing your business. Watch our video here. Want to […]

Using hash tags for your business

The hash tag has become one of the most important symbols in modern marketing. Adam Lovelock, Head of Online Marketing at Coconut Creatives has been explaining more about how you can utilise the hash tag for your business. Watch our video here. Want to know more about the use of social media for your business? […]

Capitalise on your exhibition package by public speaking

August 10, 2015

Without a doubt, the best way to do capitalise on your exhibition package is to make sure you have a speaking slot. A speaking slot allows you to get in front of a much larger audience and direct people back to your stand. Sarah Carlile, Founding Director at Coconut Creatives, explains more about how you […]

Keeping communication channels open during the recruitment process

June 1, 2015

It is important to maintain constant communication with your prospective franchisees in order to keep your brand in the forefront of their minds when they come to make their decision. Sarah Carlile, Founding Director at Coconut Creatives, explains more about keeping communication channels open during the recruitment process.  

How to build authority

May 29, 2015

Demonstrating authority within your sector can be a very powerful tool. While establishing yourself as an industry expert may take some time, cultivating a reputation of authority for your brand will help you gain respect and develop trust with existing franchisees and can also help you recruit new franchisees! When putting yourself as an expert […]

Empowering your franchisees for growth

May 6, 2015

Providing your franchisees with adequate training in marketing will not only help them create a successful and profitable business, it will also benefit the whole franchise and aid you in your franchisee recruitment, says Sarah Carlile, Founding Director of Coconut Creatives. Marketing is THE skill for business success but many franchisors fail to give their franchisees […]

Keeping leads warm for franchise recruitment

April 17, 2015

Our second marketing workshop of the year took place last week and focussed on increasing franchisee conversion. Our delegates created their very own ‘keep warm’ campaigns using our famous techniques and heard from expert speakers on they can tweak their recruitment process to yield better results. Here’s what some of them had to say about the day… […]