Going it alone? You’ll never be on your own with FASTSIGNS

December 20, 2011

Jenny Boreham set up in FASTSIGNS® Chelmsford in 1996 after she split from her partner. She had started and established a training company working with large organisations so was no stranger to running a business but this time she was completely on her own – or so she thought.

Jenny explains how she came to choose FASTSIGNS and how 15 years with FASTSIGNS has been:

“It was time for me to start afresh, I had been looking at franchising and during a visit to the National Franchise Exhibition I was very impressed with the support FASTSIGNS seemed to offer. They were very open and seemed to be genuinely nice people; I still enjoy their company all these years on.

“FASTSIGNS may not seem to be an obvious choice for a woman because the signs and graphics business is considered technical (and also considered by some to be a male-dominated industry) but with the support given by the head office team in the USA and the UK this has never been an issue for me. The most important factor is having sales and marketing skills to grow your business. When I first began I also really valued the support of the rest of the network – I never felt alone. In fact, I think it is an advantage being a woman in this industry, because people remember you!

“15 years on and I have a business that has grown year-on-year, with a great team and as secure a future as anyone can hope in these turbulent times. I’ve taken on the FASTSIGNS ethos of support in my day-to-day work with great benefit to my business. Chelmsford is a small town so I have ensured that FASTSIGNS is very much involved with the community and we support several local charities. The majority of our business is repeat business and our customers are truly supportive in return.

“I’ve also learnt to think big! If you act like a big company with professionalism and reliability you will achieve big results so my advice to others starting a business is don’t think small. We have had several large rebranding projects that have been very successful and I always am looking for new projects.

“I’ve won a number of international awards for achieving top sales and growth, competing with over 500 FASTSIGNS centres globally. Going from working as a partnership to running the business alone was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it.

“If you want to do well you need to put in the effort and I work a lot of hours. Having a franchise and working for yourself is not an easy option, although in my view the results are worth it. Starting your own business is the best way to ensure that you are in control of your future. You put in the effort and you reap the rewards; I have a small house in a beautiful French village and I’ve kept to my plan to have one adventure holiday a year!

“If someone was thinking about starting a FASTSIGNS franchise I would definitely recommend it.  They have never let me down, their assistance, support and care is, I believe, unmatched. The technical support and visits mean that FASTSIGNS stay ahead of the game.”

If you like the sound of the FASTSIGNS franchise you can join one of their Discovery Days available throughout the year, call 01246 456512 or visit www.fastsigns.co.uk for more information.