Keep Warm Activities

June 26, 2012

These are VITAL for ALL Franchisors!

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your large list of enquirers still interested in your franchise opportunity, or how you can re-engage those that may have gone off the boil?

Our keep warm package provides a branded e-newsletter full of interesting facts and stories to keep your leads engaged whilst they make their buying decision.

  • Build a monthly e-newsletter in to your lead handling process
  • Build in links to your website and videos
  • See who is opening your e-newsletter, clicking through to your website and use the data to start new conversations

Our ‘keep warm’ activities are vital for keeping YOUR brand in the mind of the prospect when moving towards making a decision on their future investment choice. Coconut support this for you through a monthly branded e-newsletter to include a maximum of 4 news items including a free resource to help them get nearer to their purchase decision.

As part of this service we provide you with a monthly report detailing click-throughs, bounces and any interaction with social media channels.

This software helps you to measure if some prospects are ‘warmer’ than others so you can re-connect with these prospects. This is an extremely effective marketing tool to add into the mix and can help bring down cost per lead AND your conversion ratio.

Keep Warm reports detail those people who:

  • Liked you on Facebook
  • Re-tweeted your messages
  • Unsubscribed to the newsletter
  • Clicked through to your website
  • Watched a video
  • Requested a call back
  • Forwarded your newsletter

We then act on this information by feeding it back into the sale process to engage with the database in different ways.

Take a look at our Portfolio page to find out how our keep warm activities have benefitted our clients.