Break away from career hum-drum in 2018!

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There’s something about New Year which causes a “what am I doing with my life” moment! Franchising is one potential answer to life’s career goal mysteries. So, make the most of this seasonal opportunity!

New Year is typically the time of year people think about how life is shaping up, and where – if anywhere – to make improvements. Which, if we’re being honest is probably in most areas! From taking small steps: Attempting to be a bit fitter than last year, asking for a promotion or, trying a new haircut (it’ll grow back!); to a complete drastic overhaul: New house, new car, new job, new life – thank you very much!

The idea of changing career can be both scary and exhilarating. There is risk involved, but when compared with being stuck in an unsatisfying job, the benefits of finally taking the leap will far outweigh the fear. If someone is prepared to make it.

Especially those who are looking for the “Golden Key” to the perfect work and life balance!

As a franchisor, chances are you have reached a place where you actually enjoy Mondays, now you’ve found and created something you love and are passionate about. You also know your business can help others also experience “Monday Joy”.

So, here are Coconut Creatives’ New Year hints, based on understanding the psychology of career change, to make the most of how people may be feeling this season:

  1. Finding the right work-life balance

There are those for whom this means working part time. But there are limitations to living on a part-time wage, and the expected hours of work has to suit the workplace, as much as it suits the employee.

Whilst there are others who want more! They don’t want to just work for someone else, they want to own it! Take the risk, make the jump, and make working work for them! But how? How to find the right bridge between employment and self-employment to leap over? Has it ever been done before?

This is where you come in! When people know something CAN be done, they are more confident about thinking THEY CAN also do it too. Introduce people within your network who have taken the leap before, who will be able connect with the discontented career-hunter. Inspire them with real experiences from your network, in a way which allows the reader to put themselves in your franchise, emotionally.

  1. Fearing they don’t have what it takes

The fear of not having the right skills to be able to manage a business has brought many a potential entrepreneur to a stand-still. This could be through age, or through education or experience, but for a variety of reasons, the dream of being the boss remains a dream.

Franchising meets this fear head-on, with the training and support you offer. By reassuring the potential you know exactly what is needed for success, you alleviate most of their fears. You know you have it nailed when it comes to sales, recruitment, marketing, finding the right premises if needed, launching a business in a local area, how to find clients/customers…everything. Portraying your training and support as the antidote for some of their fears will go a long way.

  1. Looking for a good an excellent business idea

There are those really annoying people who dream up business ideas like hot dinners. Then there are those people who have excellent management

capabilities, but when it comes to inspiration, they are like a toddler in an accountant’s office – clueless! It’s not hard!

The confidence you place in your business model, alongside the authenticity of the challenges faced, builds confidence in what you are offering.  Share your successes. Share your awards. Share your network’s achievements. But also, don’t be afraid to share the challenges! Use them to tell of the “rise from the ashes” accomplishments. It’s not all roses and wine, but with hard work, effort and time, there are ways you already know your business model works. People don’t want to be sold to. They want to be journeyed with.

If you are working out your 2018 recruitment strategies, here’s a little bit more food for thought: Offering potential franchisees peace of mind in all the above areas makes both their journey, and yours, easier.

Being motivated to consider the risks is one thing. Having someone walking the journey alongside them makes the journey less scary. How can you alleviate these fears for someone who could be standing at a career crossroads, deciding between playing it safe, and taking a risk?

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