Whiteboard Weekly #6 – Why Video Is Essential in Franchise Recruitment Marketing

Video marketing has exploded, and is only going to continue to grow in the coming years. This is especially the case in franchise recruitment marketing, where it allows you to start building relationships with prospects online, without being in direct contact with them.

In this video I explain why video is now so important and explain how it has bridged the human interaction gap the internet has created.


Whiteboard Weekly #5 – Choosing the correct social media platform

I often see businesses spreading themselves thin on social media. Too focussed on having a presence on every platform, rather than mastering the one that is most likely to be successful for them.

In this week’s white board weekly I give a brief overview of each social platform to give you an idea where will be the best place to spend your ‘social media’ time.


Coconut Creatives is growing, with the exciting appointment of Dave Pearce

As recognised leaders in strategic franchise marketing, Coconut Creatives is growing. The appointment of Dave Pearce as a new Client Account Director, is an indication of their increasing impact within the sector. 

Franchise Marketing Agency, Coconut Creatives, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dave Pearce to our ever-expanding team. Dave Pearce QFP is an industry-recognised franchise expert. He has vast experience in the sector, on all sides of the fence, having been a franchise consultant, franchisor and franchisee. Dave has worked with some of the UK’s most high-profile franchise brands, including as Franchise Recruitment Director for both Platinum Property Partners and The Dwyer Group.

Coconut’s credibility

With our ever-increasing client-base,we work closely with franchisors as they grow. Over the last six years, we’ve supported our clients, generating over 64,596 leads and converting 677 new franchisees, leading to £18,368,290* in franchise fees, identifying us as the recognised leader in strategic franchise marketing!

Having already worked alongside Coconut as a client, Dave has quickly developed relationships with the rest of the Coconuts. His management skills and experience are already proving invaluable to Coconut and our clients.

“Having known and worked with Coconut Creatives as a client, I am now delighted to be working directly with the Team to expand on the range of services offered by them to the Franchise sector. The Coconut team are just a great bunch (no pun intended!) and their range of knowledge and skill, is without question. I hope I can bring additional knowledge and experience to the team, as we continue to grow and prosper!”

Franchising’s future

As a visionary franchise marketing company, we are taking leaps into the future, with exciting times on the horizon. In November, we will be hosting our first ever Franchise Fest. Dave has joined the team at exactly the right time.

So, as we expand and our clients grow in strength, we can only grow in stature: A small giant within franchising.