Lucky 7 for Auditel!

Brian Bastible - July 2015 PR

Brian Bastible

Auditel, an exisitng client of Coconut Creatives, recently welcomed seven new franchisees to their network. Mark Devenport, Liam Gahan and Brian Bastible are just three of the franchisees who are joining the network. All three are finishing their training this month and are ready and raring to go with their new business ventures.

Mark Devenport was made redundant last March and started to look for an escape from the rat race. Having worked in sales management he was sure he had the skills and knowledge necessary to build a successful Auditel franchise. Both Brian and Liam are from accountancy backgrounds so they also have the relevant skills for running the business.

Mark Devenport - July 2015 PR

Mark Devenport

“Launching a new business is exciting and scary at the same time. There’s a lot to do but you’re only as good as yourself so it’s all down to you. I chose Auditel because it’s a genuine, professional organisation with a LOT of quality behind its support, that’s what made it worthwhile investing in,” reveals Mark.

Auditel is the UK’s leading strategic cost management franchise. They assist and educate clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth. Franchisees become invaluable, outsourced board level members of the companies they serve.

Liam Gahan, had been in touch with Auditel a year prior to joining but, due to a family bereavement, had put the move off for a while. Liam is glad he finally decided to take the plunge.

Liam Gahan

Liam Gahan


“I wasn’t originally looking to go down the franchising route. I was looking for accountancy and financial director roles. I found Auditel on an internet search and started to look into it a bit more. It looked like a well-run and professional company and with each step in the decision making process I learnt about the business and became more interested. I did look at other similar franchises in the UK but I found the Auditel model to be more scalable. With the other models you could only bill out your own time so there was a limit to how much you could make. Auditel is based on developing a strategy to manage a wide range of costs within a business so you can scale the business quite rapidly,” explains Liam.

Auditel gives you the opportunity to transfer your existing skills into a business that will work for you, not someone else. Auditel continually innovate to make franchisees’ jobs easier. Having spent millions on development, they now boast over a dozen bespoke business tools which have been proven to reduce the time taken to complete work by more than 50%. Auditel franchisees work smarter and more efficiently to achieve their goals of increased time, flexibility and income. Auditel’s network of high-calibre professionals can choose to operate as home-based businesses or utilise the business and analytical tools available to grow as multi-fee earning, scalable businesses and employers in their own right.

Brian Bastible, another franchisee on the July course, is looking forward to getting the Auditel brand more established in Ireland. Brian is looking forward to the opportunities that being part of Auditel will bring in for him.

“I chose franchising because it would have been extremely difficult to set up the level of tools, systems and infrastructure that Auditel have on my own. I’m really looking forward to starting my business and getting some revenue in. I have the opportunity now to help businesses and really make a difference to them. With Auditel you can tap into a powerful network of other business people to fill in your own skills gap when working with clients. Your clients are dealing with more than one person because you have the ability to put a call in to 200 other franchisees,” adds Brian.

You can find out more about the Auditel franchise by visiting:

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Mail Boxes Etc. go the extra mile

MBE conference_group shotMail Boxes Etc., a client of Coconut Creatives, recently held their annual franchisee conference near their headquarters in Oxford. The event was a massive success with around 100 franchisees & their staff in attendance. Named ‘Changes, challenges and profitable growth’, the conference allowed franchisees to come together to celebrate their achievements and learn more about how to continue improving their businesses.

Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest non-food retail franchises with over 1,500 stores in five continents including over 150 in the UK and Ireland. They are the only high-street chain that offers consumers and local companies a truly comprehensive range of business services. MBE’s high street one-stop-shop concept offers a mix of logistics, postal, print and copy services to help meet people’s everyday needs.

The day included guest speakers from specialists in a variety of different sectors – all covered by Mail Boxes Etc.’s franchisees. Speakers included:

  • John Stoten – FedEx Global Clearance Solutions Specialist
  • Jeremy Lamond – MRICS FNAVA Halls Auctioneers, Director
  • Helen Wylde – Parcelforce Worldwide Sales & Marketing Director
  • Justin Urquhart Stewart – Founder of Seven Investment Management
  • Sally Anne Butters – Director at Coconut Creatives Ltd
  • Tim Bell – Field Account Manager Royal Mail
  • Michael Todd – Managing Director RCS

Justin Urquhart Stewart was the guest speaker this year and his talk was all about the ‘Global Economy and Business Opportunities’. He left franchisees with some valuable information to take away but also managed to leave them laughing at the same time.

The Franchisee of the Year award went to Andrew MacKinnon, MBE Glasgow City, and this year Andrew was awarded the accolade because not only has he managed to triple sales in four years, he is also highly customer service focused and offers a very rapid and efficient service. In the first quarter of this year alone, Andrew was in the top five store in the UK based on sales. Franchisees like Andrew give the brand a great reputation and this benefits their own businesses as well as the rest of the franchise network. The conference allows the franchisees to celebrate each other’s successes as well as giving them a great networking opportunity.

“I find the conference useful every year on several fronts; the information that’s presented by both the presenters and the team at Mail Boxes Etc., we get an update on what’s going to be happening within the business for the next year and the networking opportunity is invaluable. We also get the chance to speak to suppliers in person when we only usually get to speak to them over the phone. I thought the presentations this year were very good, Parcelforce in particular was outstanding and Justin’s presentation was hilarious but also very insightful. I had to travel a long way to attend, “but it’s worth it” explains Pepe Bascetta, Area Franchisee, MBE Shawlands.

Inviting in guest speakers allows Mail Boxes Etc. to offer franchisees a more comprehensive view of the elements of their businesses that they can improve on and develop. Mail Boxes Etc. make sure their methods are innovative and up-to-date to keep in line with changes in the technology and business worlds. They know that a successful network means a successful brand.

“As always, the conference was a great success. The guest speakers were extremely engaging and left our franchisees with a lot of food for thought and actionable advice they can now use in their businesses. We had a good turnout  and it’s lovely to see our franchisees meeting up again and sharing their expertise and knowledge with each other. Part of being a franchisee is this imparting of wisdom with others and we’re always really proud to see franchisees engaging with each other,” adds Mike Hawkins, Sales and Marketing Director at Mail Boxes Etc.

As a successful global brand, Mail Boxes Etc. have learned what it takes to keep ahead in the retail sector and they’re sharing this knowledge with each and every one of their franchisees. With multiple revenue streams, franchisees benefit from minimal impact from market fluctuations. Franchisees benefit from a trusted high-street brand that has dominated in its marketplace for 35 years and our longest-serving franchisee in our UK network has just celebrated 21 years!

You can find out more about the Mail Boxes Etc. franchise by visiting

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Investing in future generations


5-Andrew and David accepting his awardOne of Auditel’s, a client of Coconut Creatives, franchisees David Kendall, Auditel franchisee for Leamington Spa, has been helping young apprentices get a foot in the door of their careers. His newest member of staff, Andrew White, is an apprentice who has exceeded expectations and is set to be a shining star in the Auditel network.

David employed Andrew in March 2014. After leaving school with top grade A-Levels, Andrew decided not to go to university but to pursue a career instead. He has become a real asset to David’s business and has recently won an award for his performance in the local apprenticeship awards, coming top out of 2,000 applicants.

“Andrew has progressed massively whilst he’s been working for me and has exceeded my expectations. His qualifications from school were excellent and he’s on the talented and gifted register. He decided to progress his career in a professional environment rather than go to university and that’s something I fully support – I really like the idea of the apprentice scheme. I didn’t go to university either, so I took a similar route to Andrew and can really empathise with him. As a business owner, he’s got a lot more worth for me than a graduate would have,” explains David.

Auditel is the UK’s leading strategic cost management franchise. They assist and educate their clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth. Franchisees become invaluable, outsourced board level members of the companies they serve.

“Working for David is excellent. It was a really good decision for me not to go to university. You acquire specific on-the-job skills and everything I’ve been learning is related to the job. I was really proud of myself for winning the apprenticeship award – it’s something that will really set me apart from other people and it’s also good to recognition for your hard work,” adds Andrew.

David is keen to keep Andrew on and help him with the progression of his career. It even looks like Andrew is due a promotion!

“Andrew really helps the business and he’s added a new dynamic. He now has a choice to make because he can end his apprenticeship soon if he wants to – he’s achieved everything 6 months faster than he was supposed to! I’d like to promote him to Cost Management Consultant. If he takes on the role then he will be the youngest Cost Management Consultant in Auditel by about 30 years. He’s already actively communicating with clients and generating cost savings so I know he’s more than capable,” adds David.

Founded in 1994, Auditel have over 20 years’ experience in strategic cost management. The award-winning business model has been successfully replicated by over 160 franchisees who proudly serve more than 3,000 clients in almost every sector of the economy. Nationwide, franchisees enjoy the benefits of a trusted, proven brand whilst being supported by a team of experts in all essential business disciplines.

As a testament to their ongoing commitment to their network, they were awarded the coveted British Franchise Association (bfa) Franchisee Support Award in 2012 and shortlisted for Franchisor of the Year in 2015. They have been full members of the bfa since 1998 and are dedicated to ethical franchising.

To find out more about the Auditel franchise opportunity call Fiona Steels on 0800 583 3355 or visit

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Big decisions for Snap-on franchisees

Snap-on, a client of Coconut Creatives, strengthens the bonds of their relationship with franchisees withmobile store the launch of their very own National Franchise Advisory Council (NFAC) for the UK and Ireland. This exciting forum gives franchisees an open channel of communication between themselves and the company. The NFAC is about management and franchisees working together to improve Snap-on’s offering to franchisees and their customers.

The NFAC is made up of eight franchisees plus two invited members all voted for by the franchisees themselves. The council hold a monthly conference call and two meetings per year and work alongside the team at Snap-on HQ. Involving the franchise network in company decisions helps Snap-on grow stronger with constructive comments, hands-on suggestions for improvements and the combined knowledge and strength of the franchise network.

Snap-on is the world’s number one professional tool brand. They are the leading global manufacturer and distributor of tools for the professional technician. Franchisees deliver gold-standard, premium products to technicians up and down the country. Snap-on’s fantastic business offers you the chance to be your own boss whilst being supported by an elite team of experts.

“Whilst we cannot promise to change the world with a wave of a wand, our belief is that with proper open discussion and sharing of ideas, real improvements can be made to the benefit of all involved. This has certainly been the experience of our colleagues both in the US and Canadian NFAC’s,” Lisa Law, Snap-on’s National Franchise Manager.

Snap-on franchisees are so successful because they are passionate about their business and the growth of the network as a whole. All council members play a constructive role in helping Head Office build a stronger and more profitable business for the future for all concerned.

“We recognise that it’s the franchisees who are out on the street every day and they know the problems that come up on a day to day basis. This makes them the best people to come up with the solutions to the problems and share them with the management team. It creates a win-win situation and means we can strengthen the company together, as a unit. Our franchisees are not treated as numbers, we recognise each and every one of them as individuals who are trying to build good businesses and support their families so they need to have an input into how the business is run – the more minds the better!” adds Lisa Law.

Snap-on offer an outstanding training and support programme designed to launch and grow your business quickly and with maximum impact. Before you even turn on the engine of your custom built mobile store, there is an exclusive territory full of professional tool users just waiting for you to call in. You don’t have to wait for the customers to come to you because Snap-on find your customer base before you even start. Their aim is: to empower you with the tools for success.

Double Whammy for Mr. Electric!

Mr. Electric, a client of Coconut Creatives, has recently plugged two extra people into their franchise James Mooneysupport team. Dave Galvin and James Mooney have both joined the head office support team boosting the help on offer to Mr. Electric franchisees.

Dave has a varied career background and uses his range of skills and knowledge to offer Mr. Electric franchisees the finest support to build profitable businesses across the network. James is responsible for helping franchisees maintain constant communication with their customers and with helping to build and maintain brand presence both in the UK and in each franchise territory.

“At the moment everything’s all very new and exciting. I’ve been working in the franchise industry for a long time so it’s an industry I know well but this is a completely new service sector for me. I spend most of my time working with franchisees to help them grow their businesses through financial monitoring and understanding the finances of their businesses. I help them to grow through lead generation and new business generation,” explains Dave.

“My time is split 50/50 between supporting the franchisees and working on franchise recruitment. I help franchisees with generating new business and maintaining constant communications with their customers in order to help bring in repeat business. I also help the franchisees with building their social media platforms and finding opportunities to make sure they’ve got a good presence in their local areas,” adds James.

“It’s great to work with the franchisees so closely. I’ve met all of them now and they’re all very keen to develop their businesses with my help. They accept that you’re there to help and not to interfere. They’ve all been very receptive to the idea which makes my job much easier,” explains Dave.

Dave Galvin“We create a profit and loss for each and every franchisee. They monitor where they think they are and where they actually are. Philip Milburn, Head of Mr. Electric UK, and I go and visit them once every quarter to have a formal review and look at where they have to be and where they’re aiming to be. It’s early days at the moment but this financial planning and management is what sets our franchisees apart from many independent electrical businesses. You’ve got to have something to aim for so that you know where you’re going,” adds Dave.

Mr. Electric is part of the global franchising giant, The Dwyer Group and, as such, benefits from being seen as the go-to supplier of electrical services; appealing to the domestic and commercial customers as well as household names such as The AA, B&Q and British Gas. Franchisees supply contractors for all aspects of electrical servicing and maintenance work but have also become renowned for their innovative energy-saving products that cut household bills and help businesses to meet energy-saving targets.

“I think Mr. Electric offers a great opportunity for franchisees to be recognised as part of a huge service brand in the UK. There’s a huge opportunity to build up brand presence and franchisees can leverage the brand reputation and generate business for the long-term,” adds James.

Both James and Dave have very different roles within the Mr. Electric support team but it’s clear to see that they are both dedicated to developing the Mr. Electric franchise and supporting the franchisees to achieve their ambitions.

The electrical services market predicts growth of just over £2 billion to £20.6 billion in the four years up to 2018. Mr. Electric franchisees are positioned perfectly to take advantage of this growth using the huge benefits of their energy-saving products to win new business and secure long-term contracts.

Winners of NatWest EWIF awards announced

Coconut Creatives are co-chairs of EWIF and were proud to lend a hand with organising their annual  awards ceremony EWIF awards photowhich took place on 12th May 2015.  Guests from across the industry attended to see the winners receive their well-deserved awards.

“We are delighted to continue our support for the EWIF awards and congratulate all the winners on their success. The awards provide a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work of women in the UK franchising industry. The professionalism and achievements of all the winners and nominees are inspiring and they are great role models for other women thinking about breaking into the industry,” explains Andrew Taylor, Head of Leisure, Retail and Franchising at NatWest.

The winners are:

New Woman Franchisee of the Year 2015 sponsored by Making Money Magazine:

Hilary Coates – Wagging Tails

Woman Franchise Employer of the Year 2015 sponsored by busibricks Franchise Manager:

Rebecca Duschl – diddi dance

Woman Franchisee of the Year 2015 sponsored by Elite Franchise sponsored by The Franchise Show:

Sally Findlay – Recognition Express

Woman Service Provider of the Year 2015 sponsored by Elite Franchise:

Kate Matthews – Boddy Matthews

New Woman Franchisor of the Year 2015 sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants Limited:

Jenni Bradford – Professor Poopenshtinken’s Magical Maths

Young Woman in Franchising of the Year 2015 sponsored by No+Vello:

Vicki Mitman – Leathes Prior

Woman Franchisor of the Year 2015 sponsored by Franchise Finance:

Anne-Marie Martin – diddi dance

Outstanding Contribution to Franchising Award 2015 sponsored by NatWest:

Jan Mitman – Drain Doctor

“This year has been the 5th Annual EWIF Awards and having personally reviewed all of the award entries, I am delighted and encouraged by the great achievements by so many women across all areas of the franchise industry. The EWIF awards allow us to publicly acknowledge a small number of these achievements, however, it is important to remember that the women we are recognising at the EWIF awards are only the tip of the iceberg, with many thousands of women making amazing achievements every day in franchising,” explains Clive Sawyer, CEO of EWIF.

EWIF’s primary focus is to support women who are looking for a route into the franchise industry. Our remit is threefold; to encourage women to consider buying a franchise, to encourage business women to franchise their existing operations and to help franchisors attract more women to their networks. EWIF is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, providing advice and guidance to anyone looking at trying to break into the franchise industry.