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Board Director & Company Secretary

[/heading][divider line_type=”Full Width Line” custom_height=”32″][vc_column_text]Nick has been on the board at Coconut Creatives since late 2010 and assists the team with strategic direction and advice at board level.

With a strong and successful background in sales, primarily in the property and franchise sector, Nick was instrumental in launching and establishing Platinum Property Partners as the world’s first property franchise with a £350K investment.  With Nick’s strong, analytical eye for detail, aptitude for numbers, hugely successful franchising background and large business and investment portfolio, he is a long standing and valued member of the Coconut team. Occasionally we roll him out to be client facing as well! Nick also deals with the legal aspects of the business so that the rest of the Coconut board and team can focus on client management.

Spare Time Stuff

When he’s not working on Coconut Creatives or investing in property for clients, Nick loves to warm up for the Great North Run, which he completes each year for charity. He has also completed the London Marathon, scaled the three peaks and climbed Mont Blanc.

The Brainy Bits

Nick originally trained as a chartered surveyor and quickly moved into building a property portfolio, which is his passion. Nick has built an expanding number of businesses related to property investment. In doing this, he has transformed half-a-lifetime’s experience in property, sales insight and business aptitude into a £40million property portfolio, mostly on behalf of investor clients.


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