Digital Marketing Assistant

Oliver (or Ollie) was gracefully brought into the world in 1994 in the town of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He’s a no nonsense creative individual who brings a work ethic and humour to the team.

Oliver became a Digital Marketing Assistant for ‘Coconut’ in October 2016 and plays a key role throughout all aspects of the business.

“Coconut suited my needs as it gave me an outlet to work hard and let my creativity flow. I provide help to many key areas throughout the business so there is never a dull day.”
Oliver combines his love of creativity with a passion for helping you develop your business and help it achieve its potential.

Spare Time:

Oliver spends a lot of his spare time listening to music, he has a self-proclaimed ‘brilliant’ taste in music and his favourite artists are The Smiths, David Bowie and Radiohead! Oliver also enjoys playing sports in his spare time, he enjoys playing 5 a-side football and plays racketball on a bi-weekly basis. He also enjoys the odd weekend out socialising and is a sucker for real ale (he considers himself a connoisseur, but he really isn’t). When Oliver isn’t out and about, he’s just as content at home playing video games, tinkering with his custom PC, or watching Netflix.

Brainy Bits:

Oliver studied Computing at Kirklees College, after a short stint in the I.T world Oliver freed himself and came to the world of Marketing. He has also achieved a level 3 diploma in digital marketing while here at Coconut! “I really value the experience I have gained as a ‘Coconut’, the qualification sweetened what was already a good deal for me. My colleagues here have been really helpful and have always found time to assist me and help me further myself in and out of work.”

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