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Founder & Director

[/heading][divider line_type=”Full Width Line” custom_height=”32″][vc_column_text]Sarah grew up in Dorset and successfully launched and established Coconut Creatives in London during 2005. The office has relocated a couple of times to find more inspiring surroundings, and is currently situated in the foothills of the Peak District in Yorkshire with an additional office in the sunny South in Andover.

Sarah’s main areas of expertise and interest is within the franchise sector where she works with a number of franchisors and their franchisees to help them grow through tailored marketing, PR, advertising and branding activities.

Sarah is a published author on the topic of Franchise Recruitment Marketing and her book titled ‘Dream, Plan, Reduce Risk & Take Action’ is available by request through this website, on Kindle or through Amazon.

“My goal is to support both small and medium sized businesses and to give them the marketing tools to compete in an environment where the only thing that really matters is a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Sarah is also a proud Franchisor herself, being a Founding Partner of the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise.

This role means that Sarah really lives through the needs (and pains!) of a franchisor and the importance of a recruitment strategy, within budget, that fits with a range of objectives, as she now executes a plan which she has created.

The Spare Time Stuff

Being a black belt in karate, Sarah can be pretty determined and this shows through in the projects she works on. Having two British National Karate Championship titles, she’s highly competitive! This skill has definitely been transferred to the business world… her clients are glad she’s on their side!

The Brainy Bits

Sarah is a fully qualified Chartered Marketer and active member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. She holds a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing as well as an Honours degree in Marketing. “I love working with lots of different businesses on different projects at a strategic mentoring level, it keeps me fresh and interested which comes through in client activity,” explains Sarah.

Project Examples

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  • Launched & established (since 2010) the UK’s leading workshop programme (sponsored by RBS) on franchise recruitment marketing, training over 200 franchise brands to date. The programme is now accredited by the bfa & part of the QFP (qualified franchise professional) qualification.
  • Created a unique way to recruit franchisees based on careful research and franchisee profiling, showing significant growth and cutting edge market leading techniques as a low cost per lead. For example Sarah managed the implementation of an 18 month Franchise Recruitment Marketing campaign for premium franchisor: Platinum Property Partners. This resulted in growing their franchise network from 28 to over 100 franchisees over the 18 months generating significant revenue for the company
  • With specialist knowledge of CRM (customer relationship management) Sarah and her team have been head-hunted by several large international franchise brands to realign and implement systems for tracking potential franchisees through the sales process, squeezing opportunity at every stage, using automation, NLP & specific event strategies for successful recruitment
  • Long term contributor for BBC events to promote their green image through the BBC Club
  • Assisted in creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for charity organisation Secret World to seek corporate level funding. This is the organisation that is often seen on the BBC’s ‘Spring Watch’
  • Regular contributor to national magazines: Making Money, Franchisor News, Start Your Business, What Franchise and Independent Business Magazine
  • Regular contributor to online franchise sites

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