How to Speed up Your Network Growth

As a franchisor, aside from giving your existing franchisees everything they need to succeed, your main task is to continue recruiting high-quality franchisees. In order to do this, you need to understand how recruitment works, your franchisees and their decision-making processes and how these should fit with your sales process. Your recruitment marketing and sales system are essential for speeding up your network growth so let’s have a look at how you put them both into place!

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Hints & Tips: Effective Advertising Tips

If your advertising isn’t working, stop doing it right now! Many brands lose so much money on ineffective advertising so our Founder, Sarah Carlile, has been sharing her tips to help you make sure that your advertising helps you to get the very best results.

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Perfecting your marketing collateral for franchise recruitment

You should use marketing collateral throughout the recruitment process to support your sales process and tell your prospects more about your brand and how your franchise opportunity can benefit them. Marketing collateral should make your sales process easier and more efficient so ensure that everything you send out has a clear call to action to guide your prospects through to the next stage of your recruitment process.

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

At Coconut Creatives, we see so many franchisors making the same mistakes with their marketing time and time again. They spend thousands of pounds per year on their recruitment marketing but find that it just isn’t effective and they’re not recruiting the franchisees they need. Here are just some of the mistakes we see franchisors making on a daily basis and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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Coconut Creatives Partner With Venture Marketing Group

Coconut Creatives is the leading, award-winning, bfa-accredited franchise marketing company.  This year marks the 6th anniversary of the popular Coconut Franchise Recruitment Marketing Workshops (sponsored by RBS). These workshops have been adopted by almost 200 brands since 2010 and many are now QFP accredited by the bfa.

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Training the Trainers

At Coconut Creatives, we’re always looking to continue developing our services and team so that our clients continue to receive the very best service and to help us stay up-to-date within our industry.

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How to Write Effective E-shots

When used and written correctly, e-shots can be an extremely effective marketing tool for your franchise recruitment. Prospects spend a huge amount of time trying to find the right franchise for them so they may have been to a franchise exhibition, trawled countless franchise listing websites and picked up various magazines but still haven’t found what they’re looking for. That is, until your expertly written e-shot lands in their inbox!

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How can a Perfect Pitch Assist Franchise Recruitment?

We recommend that every franchisor we work with develops a perfect pitch (or your elevator pitch) to let prospects know who they are and what they do. A perfect pitch will help you to quickly and efficiently tell prospects what’s involved with your franchise opportunity and how it could benefit them.

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INFORMATION OVERLOAD: Breaking through the noise

In an age where we are constantly bombarded by adverts asking us to buy, buy, buy, there is a fine balance between overloading your franchise prospects with too much information during the recruitment process and not providing enough. If you bombard them every day with sales messages from the day they enquire with you, you’re likely to put them off pretty quickly or end up in the junk folder!

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